Online Backup

TeqRoot Services offers a variety of comprehensive online backup solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. They can securely backup directly to the cloud or an on-site hybrid backup system that keeps a copy of your most critical data in the cloud and on a local appliance for faster restoration.

After a company is infected with a virus such as CryptoLocker or has a hard drive crash, they will need to get this data back quickly in order to continue operations. It is for this reason we recommend a hybrid solution to most of our customers. In some cases this can save weeks of waiting for data to be fully restored from the cloud.

We are also able to offer an advanced solution which acts as a virtual server in the case one of your physical servers fails. The benefit is little to no down time – even after hardware failure which could otherwise be a crippling event.

These solutions have been critical in allowing our clients to continue being productive and serving customers, even soon after they’ve recovered from a critical blow from a virus or hardware failure.